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3PL -  Third Party Container Destuffing 

Container Destuffing in Vancouver 

Most Chinese made freight destined for Canadian cities pass through Vancouvers ports.   This makes Vancouver a necessary hub for container destuffing.  It is often not viable for companies operating in Canada who are purchasing product from overseas to own their own warehouses in Vancouver.  Selecting an experienced and fast third-party warehouse in Vancouver is most times the best option. 
Container destuffing also know as Container stripping or devanning is the process of sorting and stacking floor loaded freight from a container onto pallets then receiving the freight against the packing slip and noting overages, shorts and damages.   7 Mountain Logistics warehouses are located in Vancouver and we specialize in fast, quality palletization of freight from floor loaded containers.  

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Destuffing Speed 

At 7 Mountain we have seen just about every type of freight you can imagine. We often destuff product that other 3PL’s are either unwilling or unable to do. Many Vancouver 3PL’s can destuff freight but none as fast and as efficiently as 7 Mountain. We are committed to speed and accuracy, and this commitment shows in our destuffing service. This is why we are the best at destuffing containers in Vancouver.

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Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Destuffing Customer Service

With 7 Mountain you don’t just get a service provider, you get a partner.  We go above and beyond every day to get your product destuffed and shipped to the places across Canada where it can be sold and generate revenue for your business.  For us “no” is a 4-letter word and we will always try and find a solution to your container destuffing challenges in Vancouver.
We understand that delays in manufacturing and at the port can hurt a business and we do everything we can to ensure that once it is in our hands the product is destuffed at lightning speed so you can take a deep breath of relief.   
Our customer service team is the best at communicating the status of your container shipments and you will have instant access to inbound documents the moment your container arrives at our receiving dock and has been destuffed.  

Customer Service

Why 7 Mountain is the best Container Destuffing 3PL in Vancouver

At 7 Mountain Logistics, Speed accuracy and unparalleled customer service make 7 Mountain the #1 Choice for your Container Destuffing needs.  Our corporate customer values focus heavily on making sure you have an easy and frustration free experience with you destuffing requirements.  We want to astonish our customer each and every day by going that extra mile which you will not find with other 3PL’s in Vancouver.  From our quoting and onboarding process all the way to the final mile delivery 7 Mountain will be you partner for container destuffing in Vancouver British Columbia

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