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Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Transloading

Why 7 Mountain is The Best Transloading 3PL Warehouse in Vancouver

For customers across Canada without warehouses in Vancouver, using a 3PL for transloading is the best option. Our transloading service moves freight from ocean containers to rail containers or standard dry vans for movement across Canada. We specialize in many types of products across many industries.  

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Transloading Speed 

At 7 Mountain Logistics we value speed.    It is one of our Corporate Cultural Values and is an integral component to everything we do.  This applies to our transloading service.  Our de-stuffing workflows were developed to focus on safety and efficiency. We will strip your container faster than other 3PL’s in Vancouver.  

We also apply speed to communication.  You will  get instant access to inbound documents like carrier delivery slips, BOL’s and receiving confirmation tickets.  Documents are scanned and uploaded to a secure cloud drive right from the warehouse dock as soon as containers are received. As an extension of our customers, we shorten or eliminate communication lag wherever possible.   You will not find this focus on speed in other 3PL's in Vancouver Canada.

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Warehouse Worker with Walkie Talkie

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Transloading Customer Service 

At 7 Mountain Logistics we want to astonish our customers every day. We are dedicated to making our processes and service as frustration free as possible.  With large high-volume accounts, reviewing invoices can become a painful and tedious experience.  We have designed Transloading flat rates to handle most commodities, container product quantities and sku quantities.  This ensures that reviewing invoices is easy and quick.  

Container destuffing and transloading is rife with damage across the logistics industry.  This is because many warehouse know that the product is not being fulfilled from the transloading warehouse but rather being shipped to the warehouse where it will be fulfilled from.  Some transloading service providers do not concern themselves with care and attention when destuffing containers.   Many times, in other 3PL’s the transloading is done using temp labour that is not vested in the company or warehouse that they are working in.  At 7 Mountain we use inhouse labour.   One of our KPI’s for Transloading is damage rate. Product and work are spot checked by supervisors to ensure quality movement of goods from one method of transport to another.  We also actively seek out feedback from destination warehouses to ensure the highest level of service.  

Customer Service

7 Mountain Logistics is The Best Transloading Warehouse in Vancouver

There is a lots of 3PL’s to choose from to service your Transloading needs.  7 Mountain Logistics is your best chose for Transloading in Vancouver.  We offer flexible hours with 3 shifts servicing transloading. We can provide drayage for your containers to and from the port and our Pitt Meadows warehouse is minutes away from the CP rail yard. We are fast and have the highest level of service in Vancouver. We actively seek out feedback from our customers and partners because we value continuous improvement.  

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