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3PL Warehousing and Distribution – B2B Fulfillment

Why We Are the best Third-Party Warehouse in Vancouver

With many Third-Party Logistics Providers in Vancouver to choose from, 7 Mountain is quickly rising to the top of the industry.  Through continuous improvement and relentless drive to ensure our customers are astounded each and every day.  We have created a product that we believe makes us the best 3PL in Vancouver BC.


7 Mountain operates 800,000 square feet of ambient and cold storage third-party warehouse space in Metro Vancouver.   Our Warehouse Management System uses RF Technology and can be integrated with any ERP, OMS, accounting system or WMS via EDI, API or FTP connection. 

7 Mountain has fulfilment centers that handle both Food Grade and Dangerous Goods in warehouses in Vancouver.

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Equipment and Facilities

Our 3rd party warehouses have 35’ clear ceilings to accommodate 26’ high racking frames. We utilize both floor bulk stack storage and rack storage.  Our facilities have both grade loading doors for loading and unloading outside and elevated dock doors.

Our Warehousing and Distribution service focuses on 5 principles.

  1. Speed

  2. Exceptional Customer Service

  3. Process and Workflows

  4. Trackability

  5. Communication


From the moment product arrives at one of our warehouses until the moment it departs, our customers have full visibility of location and status of each unit in inventory through our customer portal. Customers can see or receipt status and can get automated notification of warehouse events via email.

Warehouse Shelves from Above
Vancouver BC Warehouse.jpg

Third party Logistics (3PL) for your Large Retail Customers

We know that sometimes your large customers can be very demanding.  We incorporate your customer’s inbound guidelines into our workflow so that your product flows through their Distribution Center without issue or refusal so it can makes its way to the store shelves without delay. 

We have developed our third-party warehouse processes over decades which helps us provide superior service levels to our customers.  We actively seek out feedback from our customers and the end customer to ensure our commitment to continues improvement.

Every workflow we design at 7 Mountain has safety and efficacy in mind. Product is slotted according to sales velocity, weight and picking accuracy.

Customer Service

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