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Third Party Logistics (3PL) Freight Service – Local Delivery

Freight Services and Courier Services in Vancouver

As a leading 3PL in Vancouver BC., providing third-party warehousing and fulfillment, 7 Mountain offers extensive options for transportation services for our customers in many different industries. We offer FTL and LTL services for all provinces and into the US.  In addition, our 7 Mountain fleet handles local delivery in
    Metro Vancouver 
    Fraser Valley 
    Vancouver Island
    Gulf Islands
    Whistler and Squamish
    Sunshine Coast 
    Okanagan


In support of our fulfillment services and in particular our e-commerce fulfillment service, 7 Mountain provides an integrated shipping platform for our warehouses that rate shops across all major couriers in Canada and the US instantly.  The packer is provided with the shipping label for the most cost-effective courier service for the package and destination in real time.  Our platform is fully customizable for any required business rules.  7 Mountain customers enjoy the best rates in Canada for all major couriers

7 Mountain Truck 3rd Party Logistics.jpg
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