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3PL Warehousing and Distribution – Value Added Services (VAS) 

The Best Value-Added Service Provider in Vancouver 

At 7 Mountain we offer a wide range of Value-Added Services (VAS) in our third-party warehouses.  We know that each of your retail customers require compliance on their vendor guidelines.  We help you navigate the complex and sometimes seemingly endless requests they have. Our value-added services ensure that we provide everything you need to expand your customer base without fear that your warehouse and supply chain will become overwhelmed.  
With the staggering increase in e-commerce sales worldwide in recent past, many 3PL’s are scrambling to catch up and cannot effectively follow through on the new services that are being requested more and more each day.  
In order for your brand to be successful, you need a third-party warehouse that won’t shy away from the labour intensive and time-consuming requests that come from your customers. At 7 Mountain Logistics we are champions of complexity, and our Value-Added Service (VAS) programs have your company covered.

We offer many different Value-Added solutions for our customers and can tailor programs and processes that may be unique to your business.  
Here are just a few Value-Added Services that 7 Mountain Logistics offers:

Third-Party Warehouse (3PL) Value- Added Service Labeling and Ticketing 

Often, products need specialized labeling for large retailers like Walmart and Amazon. By using 7 Mountain’s fulfilment warehouses to label your product, you will ensure that you can ship all your product to many different retailers.  
Your company may also be shipping to many different countries, states or provinces which may have label language requirements.  Or, it may need region specific government regulated information. 
Labeling from the factory is not possible unless you split the inventory which adds avoidable complexity and cost to managing your inventory.
As your Third-party warehouse, 7 Mountain’s value-added service department will label your product at lightning speed, immediately before it is to be fulfilled.  We take care in the application of the label so that it is placed with aesthetics in mind. Will not cover important information and labels will be applied in a uniform, straight and consistent manner.  
Our value-added Service department at 7 Mountain logistics also offers apparel ticketing.  We use needled price guns to ticket retail customer provided price tickets.  
We offer many formats and label types in house, and can source specialized labels when needed. 

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Third-Party Warehouse Value- Added Service Kitting and Prepacking

Kitting is the process of a warehouse bringing multiple individual units and SKU’s together in the fulfillment process to create one unique combined SKU’s or bundle SKU’s.
Using a 3PL kitting service means that you have much more flexibility in what you can offer your customers.  Combining different products at the factory prevents you from selling the individual products if needed.  By using a third party (3PL warehouse you can ensure that you always have the inventory to fulfill whatever is being purchased.  
In Vancouver, 7 Mountain’s warehouse management System (WMS) will seamlessly kit the items when the order calls for it.  This process is done automatically in the system and the packer will combine the products at the time of fulfillment.  This saves a lot of money and makes it much easier to manage your total on hand inventory.  7 Mountain’s 3PL kitting service will ensure that you can provide the best possible value to your customers.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Value- Added Returns Management

Our fulfillment warehouse Returns Management Program (also known as Reverse Logistics), is a program where a 3rd party logistics provider accepts returns on your behalf.  
7 Mountain Logistics will complete a systematic inspection of the product to determine if the product can be added back into inventory or not.  If it is not good to sell again the 3PL will repair the product if possible or place the product on hold as damaged. Repacking can also be done.   Because of the exponential growth of ecommerce sales over the recent past and the high rate of returns associated with it, you need a third-party warehouse that can effectively manage this for you.  Some 3LP’s may offer an e-commerce solution but fail miserably in this department. We will not only address the product once it returns, but we will provide a hassle-free experience for your e-commerce customer to send the product back to us.

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Cardboard box

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Value- Added Service Disposal and Destruction

Unfortunately, one of the costs of doing business is that you may have to dispose of your product from time to time. Maybe there is a recall on your product or maybe your product has expired or been damaged, and can no longer be sold or donated. A good Third-Party Logistics service provider will be able to handle and coordinate disposal of the items you warehouse with them.   At 7 Mountain Logistics, we will breakdown and separate items for recycling and disposal at one of our warehouse and fulfillment centers in Vancouver BC.  We will provide destruction certificates and process pictures when needed, and if the product is a dangerous good,  we will coordinate with one of our destruction and disposal partners.  
Destruction and disposal of product can be an arduous and stressful process and one that your Third-Party Logistics provider should be able to handle, especially if disposal is inherent to the product and service that you offer. 
As your Third-party Logistics provider in Vancouver BC, we take disposal and destruction very seriously and will help make it as painless as possible. 

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Value-Added Service Repackaging

Repackaging or Repacking can mean different things to different companies depending on the type of product and the business requirements. Essentially all repackaging value-added services move your product from an old packaging into a new packaging.  Most of the time this is done on the case or carton level but can be required for individual units.    
Rather than investing in warehousing costs for each of these customized products, store the original product and the pieces for customization instead, and utilize repackaging services to re-kit your most popular products for new markets at a fraction of the cost and supply chain risk. 

Repackaging can be needed for a variety of reasons. You may want to offer a different pack size for your e-commerce channels or maybe a large retail has requested it. It could also be that you want to maximize your branding and currently have outdated or seasonal packaging that is no longer relevant.   
Business needs seem to be changing hourly in our current world and you will require a Third-Party Warehouse that can react quickly to your repackaging needs.  
7 Mountain Logistics understands the importance of your companies branding.  As a 3PL (Third-Part Logistics) provider, we value speed in our supply chain processes. Speed helps to ensure that you don’t lose any of the brand loyalty you have built up, because your third-party warehouse cannot complete the repackaging fast enough.  Your flagships products should have the best and most current “duds” and at 7 Mountain we will be its tailors. 
Having a great third-party Logistics provider like 7 Mountain Logistics can save your company a lot of money while giving you a competitive edge.  Instead of shelling out for new packaging runs from the manufacturer, order in larger and generic cartons and then store that product at 7 Mountain Logistics.

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