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Why is 7 MOUNTAIN The Best  third party Logistics (3PL) Service Provider in Vancouver?

7 Mountain operates over 800,000 square feet of third-party warehouse space in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley enabling, the entry of overseas goods into Canada through our third-party warehouses. As a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider in Vancouver, we specialize in both B2B fulfillment and B2C (direct to consumer) fulfillment ensuring that our customers do not have to use different third-party logistics providers to fulfill their many sales channels.  Our 3rd party warehouses service many different industries from food and beverage to clothing, electronics, and raw materials,
We believe that the key to a high service level is speed and customer service.   Our Transloading and Crossdocking service is focused on just that.  7 Mountain ensures that your goods are received into our Vancouver warehouse at a speed that other 3PL’s are not accustomed to. We are committed to getting your product across Canada faster with as little lead time as possible.  We use 7 Mountain staff, not contracted labor, to destuff containers, which means we can destuff containers as soon as they arrive at our warehouse. 
As the backbone in your supply chain, 7 Mountain understands the vital role we play in the success of your business. We know how our service level can help shape the perception of your brand in the marketplace. 7 Mountain sets the bar high for lightning fast, responsive and flexible 3rd party logistics service.  We continually add functionality and scalability to our third-party logistics service in Vancouver while providing you and your customers with a frustration free experience.  All of these reasons make 7 Mountain the best 3PL in Vancouver

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As your 3rd party warehouse in Vancouver, we will integrate with all your e-commerce and retail dropship platforms. Orders are uploaded to our warehouse management system (WMS) automatically and instantly.  The order is picked, and the tracking is sent from our third-party warehouse back to your e-commerce platform automatically once the order is packed.  We will handle setup and maintenance for all integrations whether EDI or API. With this seamless connection, as your third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse, 7 Mountain Logistics truly becomes an extension of your company. Once your customer purchases your product, we take care of everything all the way to their front door. With our consolidated and integrated courier accounts you benefit from the shared volume discounts associated with all 7 Mountain customer.   
7 Mountain is the best 3PL in Vancouver at delivering an ecommerce fulfillment service that is scalable, accurate and fast.  We pride ourselves on shipping with an extremely high service level with an under 0.001% error rate.  We use technology and tried and tested standard operating procedures to ensure accurate fulfillment.  We know that having a fulfillment center that can handle the intricacies of ecommerce thoroughly is fundamental and 7 Mountain is that fulfillment center.

At 7 Mountain Logistics our connected network of owned trucks, owner operators and partner carriers is built to deliver your freight to your customers on time and without damages. We are the industry leader in last mile delivery in Vancouver BC along with our Third Party Logistics fulfillment services. We are designed to be a 1 stop solution for all of your last mile needs including Omni channel, e-commerce and food service delivery. 7 Mountain logistics team members will trouble shoot problem courier shipments with the courier’s call centers.  Your team no longer must follow up with couriers or wait on hold endlessly to get an update on what is happening with a courier delivery.
For our warehouse fulfillment customers, all they have to do is “Set It and Forget It”.  Once your order is in our WMS you won’t have to worry about the delivery of your product getting to your customer quickly. We handle all of that for you which will save you money but also time so you can focus on running your business.  7 Mountain has the capacity and reach to efficiently and quickly get your goods to your customers all over North America. Our daily scheduled services to cities all across Canada ensure that we have the network to service customers of all sizes.  

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Accuracy Guarantee

We ship your order accurately or we pay for the expedited shipping and fulfillment cost

At 7 Mountain we take pride in our abilities as a 3PL in Vancouver.  We are so confident in our service level that we guarantee our accuracy. We will pay for 100% fulfillment and shipping costs for any shipping errors.


Our Commitment 

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The best e-commerce Fufilment Company in Vancouver BC
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Always Available 24/7

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